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Mayan Health in Guatemala

This short film, filmed around various remote locations in Guatemala with the Wuqu’ Kawoq (Maya Health Alliance) followed a handful of dedicated nurses bringing health care directly to the people that need it in their homes and small Mayan villages.
Mayan Health in Guatemala

For this project, we travelled with local nurses who bring health services directly to Mayan people and villages in their own native language. A vital service for many native people who are unable to get to the larger cities or speak Spanish.

Our goals for the project.

Our goal was to create a series of short documentary videos to help the Maya Health Alliance showcase their important work as well as the invaluable people who carry-out the work.

Travelling from village to village, over mountains,  through valleys, and even across the massive lake Atitlán, these nurses often travel hours to help people in need. As a small team, we travelled with these nurses to the communities and homes of those they help.

By keeping our team as small as possible we were able to be immersed within the work the nurses were doing without being in the way — as well as keep the budget as low as possible while still keeping the quality as high as possible.

In the Field.

There were many challenges with the project: small budget, extremely remote regions, and short windows of opportunity to film.

But we were able to work together with everyone involved and create a final piece that would help bring awareness to the cause, tell a story, and capture the imagination & attention of audiences.