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Finding Water

A short documentary about a small team of geo-scientists, volunteers, locals, and refugees who are working together to find fresh water for the ever growing Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.
Finding Water
A young boy digs for water for his family in Kakuma, Kenya

This short documentary is part of a wider effort by a few co-operating NGOs and non-profits to bring much needed attention and funding to water projects around Kenya and Uganda.

The geophysics team from Canada

We collaborated with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and their Geo-scientists Without Borders (GWB) initiative, and Isra-AID to travel with them and film their undertakings in the town of Kakuma and the refugee camps in northern Kenya.

Our goals for the documentary.

Our goal was to create a short film that would help shed important light on the work of the geophysics team and the local people they work with as they search for fresh sources of water. Water that is greatly needed by both the town and growing number of refugees.

With a small team we were able to capture the work and teaching moments, carry-out interviews, and add photography so that there would be lots of valuable materials from a single trip — maximizing the use of time and budget when in the field.

After the edit, we were able to enter and showcase the film in many international film festivals — helping to get the team and their cause in front of many different audiences.

In the Field.

There were many challenges with the project: the extreme weather conditions, very remote locations, a small budget, and limited crew. But these are what make creating such pieces so fun.

We were able to work together with everyone involved and create a final piece that would help bring awareness to the cause, tell a story, and capture the imagination & attention of audiences.