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Earth Group in Tajikistan

A short promotional documentary we filmed in various places around Tajikistan for Earth Group International. The goal is to showcase the important work of Earth Group to bring food and education to poor regions of the world by raising money directly for the UN World Food Programme.
Earth Group in Tajikistan

For this project, we were brought on by Earth Group to help them showcase some of their latest work in partnership with the UN World Food Programme in Tajikistan. Where they are working to bring food and education to the poorest regions in the world.

Our goals for the project.

Our goal was to create a series of short videos that would help shed important light on the work of the Earth Group team and the local people they support with their efforts to bring education and food to those who need it most.

With a small team we were able to capture the work and important moments that capture the spirit and real, direct outcomes from their efforts. We also included photography while we filmed so that there would be lots of valuable materials from a single trip — maximizing the use of time and budget when in the field.

In the Field.

There were many challenges with the project: small budget, extremely remote regions, and security concerns.

But we were able to work together with everyone involved and create a final piece that would help bring awareness to the cause, tell a story, and capture the imagination & attention of audiences.